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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Air Defense Show April 2016

Air Defense Show April 2016

Here are some vehicles of a different kind seen at an air defense installation in April 2016 where I also photogrpahed this Shilka system and this Buk 9A310.

Now I am going to dump in this post the rest of the pictures I took at the show.

The first one is a Tunguska.

Not only does it have missiles, it also has automatic AA guns for good measure.

Below is an OSA-AKM for use against low flying targets, especially helicopters (which are always vulnerable anyway).

White walls!

To the left of it is a Buk system.

A larger Thor (Tor) system.

An even larger S-300V3 system; this one is truly long-range, intended to shoot down bandits at distant approaches.

And finally the king of missiles is the Topol mobile ICBM.

"Topol means" a "poplar" (tree) in Russian. So there's this joke... something about planting a poplar somewhere... in the white house rose garden? Hehe. But never mind.

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Air Defense Show April 2016

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