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Friday, July 15, 2016

I've Been Bit by the Auto World Bug!

I've Been Bit by the Auto World Bug!

There's not really a whole lot of story I can put into this blog post, but I did go in depth into the Auto World brand and their muscle wagons a few days back. You can check that out here. The story line here is that while I was impressed with my first 2 Ultra Reds when they arrived in the mail a few months ago, I was blown away when I opened them a few days ago. Their weightiness, detail, and immaculate quality (better than other premium brands such as M2 and Greenlight) made me want to go out and find some more. So I made a trip to the only guy in town who sells Auto World (retailers don't carry the brand in Canada) and he still had the non-ultra red, green version of my ultra red 1969 Chevy Kingswood Estate.

This thing is just as nice as the ultra red. It's ugly, but beautifully ugly. Enjoy the photos; I know I enjoyed taking them!!

Happy Collecting!!

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I've Been Bit by the Auto World Bug!

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