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Friday, July 22, 2016

RAF-2203 Latvija Traffic Police Van

RAF-2203 Latvija Traffic Police Van

Recently sighted was this rare yellow pokemon RAF-2203 Latvija van in a traffic police version and livery.

The RAF-2203 Latvija van was in production 1976-97 at the Riga Autobus Factory (RAF) in Latvia.

This version is the RAF-2203 GAI - Traffic Police van wearing blue on yellow which were the police colors in the USSR.

It is a rolling traffic police command post.

Latvia screwed up and lost RAF - its only auto factory - and its entire automotive industry in 1997 (as well as most of its industry period).

As a van it is based on Volga GAZ-24 units and part bin units from various other Soviet automakers.

Engine is keeping you company in the cabin - between the two front seats, very good in winter, not so much in summer.

RAF emblem.

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RAF-2203 Latvija Traffic Police Van

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