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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The "Murdered-Out"/Outlaw Look Part II: M2 Machines Black Pearl Auto Drivers

The "Murdered-Out"/Outlaw Look Part II: M2 Machines Black Pearl Auto Drivers
Yesterday I featured the Greenlight Black Bandit Fleetwood Bounder RV duo. I explained the whole 'murdered-out' all-black-look car scene in that post, which you can check out here. Today we're going to look at the other 1:64 scale option for murdered-out diecast: M2 Machines' Black Pearl Auto Drivers. This is the first time M2 has gone with the outlaw look on its castings, and boy do they look good. As much as I love Greenlight's Black Bandit Series, M2 has taken the murdered out look one step further by using matte black paint for their Black Pearl releases. Matte paint = meaner than glossy paint.

The only thing M2 seems to miss with these releases is tinting the windows limo-style. The rest is spot on. Since these are Auto Driver releases, you don't get the acrylic display case, metal base or opening hoods and doors, but you do get a nice, simple diecast car. I actually prefer the Auto Drivers to M2's pricier lineups because the simplicity prevents them from falling apart like some of my other M2 Machines have done.

Saying that this limited-edition Black Pearl set is a winner is an understatement. Aside from my obsession with the Ford Econoline/Falcon Club Wagon castings, I don't collect M2 Machines unless I really really like something they release. I have to focus the collection somewhere and I prefer Greenlight and Auto World premium brands to M2. The Black Pearl set, though, I had to pick up. Every model in the mix is so well executed that it's hard to pick a favorite. Mine has to be the Ford Torino, but there's no clear winner.

You might notice I'm missing the '67 Dodge Charger (and the 2 chase cars). It's missing because I bought the set piece by piece at Wal Mart over a week or so and when I went back for the Dodge it had been scooped. What was I thinking leaving one of these hanging on the pegs? I'm sure you'll wonder the same after checking out these photos!

Happy Collecting!!

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The "Murdered-Out"/Outlaw Look Part II: M2 Machines Black Pearl Auto Drivers

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