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Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Matchbox Ford Explorer Interceptor!

The Matchbox Ford Explorer Interceptor!

The Ford Explorer Interceptor is yet another quality police replica from Matchbox. Matchbox does a great job with service vehicles and work vehicles. I've mentioned before that useful, working vehicles are what Matchbox does best. Of course Matchbox excels at making clean, minimalist civilian and sports vehicles too, but working vehicles is their niche.

The Ford Explorer is well cast and proportioned. It seems to sit a little high, but the push bars, big wheels, radar attachment and running boards make for a highly detailed and realistic casting, especially at the $1 price point. There are 7 of these Ford Explorers that I know of. Sadly, I only have 3. I had a 4th, but accidentally got rid of it when I sold a big bundle of loose duplicates. Whoops, that Emergency Vehicle 5-Pack version wasn't a duplicate. So for now you'll have to settle on looking at just 3 of the 7 Ford Explorer Interceptors. They're very well done. The Supreme Heroes release, especially, goes all out with 'Real Rider' tires, extra front and back tampo work and highly realistic emblems and details.

Enjoy the photos and let me know in the comments below which ones you have!

Happy Collecting!!
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The Matchbox Ford Explorer Interceptor!

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