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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Volga Siber 2.4

Volga Siber 2.4
Here is a Volga Siber 2.4 l.

While this is not the first sighting, this time I have more pictures.

Per wikipedia, the Volga Siber is a four-door sedan car manufactured by GAZ, introduced at the 2007 Moscow International Automobile Salon and marketed in a single generation for model years 2008 to 2010.

For a car that was "marketed in a single generation for model years 2008 - 2010" and with 9,000 units ever made sightings in Moscow are surprisingly common.

Expertly parked too, I wouldn't be able to park this thing like that, it's not exactly small. Well, not in one try anyway.

However, the Volga Deer took off from the emblem some time ago by the look of things.

I think it is a beautiful car.

The more powerful 2.4 L version.

Stock photos.

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Volga Siber 2.4

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